Eco Weddings

For your ethical choices

The most special day of your lives will be green

We place our competence at your service to create eco-friendly weddings, so that your most special day be in line with your ideal of living a greener life. Our aim is to amaze and impress you, your family and your guests while avoiding food waste, throwaway decor and plastic packages, in full respect of the environment and of our planet. In order to do so, we ensure that every structural, ornamental and accessory element involved will be sustainable, and we collaborate with selected suppliers who implement low-impact materials, techniques and technologies. According to your requests, your wedding can be green from start to finish, or you can choose to only opt for a few eco-elements such as venue and ornaments, ceremony dresses, invitations and place cards, catering and cake or sustainable honeymoon.

We will study a tailored project that will reflect and respect your ethical choices, to offer you an unforgettable wedding, in the name of environmental protection.

Wedding - Irene Venturino | Event & Wedding

“Those who teach their children to protect the environment and love animals, might not know it, but are building a better future.”

Rinaldo Sidoli

What we do

Irene Venturino Event&Wedding offers a wide bouquet of solutions that enable you to enjoy your perfect day knowing that experienced professionals manage every aspect of the ceremony.

Beyond the constant presence of our wedding planner, preliminary meetings for sharing opinions and ideas and periodical checks, our activity offers the following services:



Budget drafting and cost optimization.


Creation and management of a shared folder

Creation and management of a shared folder where to store all relevant documents.


Creative project


Venue scouting and booking


Selection of suitable suppliers, total or partial and management of quotes


Transfers, logistics and guests’ management


Event’s direction