The most special day of your lives
We want the most special day of your life to be unique and unforgettable.

We can cover every aspect of the planning, the development and the management of your wedding, by taking care of every detail with passion and experience. As reserved directors of your day, we guide and advise you through the most difficult choices and ensure a stress-free planning.

Our work is to listen to your deepest aspirations and desires so that we can create projects which are specifically tailored to you, as we find solutions that are always characterized by a clear harmony between your dream location and its perfect set-up. For the style and the mood of your wedding we interpret your individual requests and then conceive ad hoc proposals for weddings that can be classic, modern, eccentric, funny, always in the name of elegance.

Following agreement about the perfect combination of all different elements, we personally work towards the realization of the project and its agenda, and we involve our wide network of professionals and collaborators, who are tried and trusted and share our same professionalism and reliability.

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“Marriage is, and will always remain, the most important discovery journey that a man can accomplish.”

Søren Kierkegaard

What we do

Irene Venturino Event&Wedding offers a wide bouquet of solutions that enable you to enjoy your perfect day knowing that experienced professionals manage every aspect of the ceremony.

Beyond the constant presence of our wedding planner, preliminary meetings for sharing opinions and ideas and periodical checks, our activity offers the following services:



Budget drafting and cost optimization.


Creation and management of a shared folder

Creation and management of a shared folder where to store all relevant documents


Creative project


Venue scouting and booking


Selection of suitable suppliers

Selection of suitable suppliers, total or partial and management of quotes


Site inspections

Site inspections, decor and styling


Coordination and supervision of suppliers


Transfers, logistics and guests’ management

Our packages

You can choose from our services, in order to customize your own package


We organize exclusive weddings for those clients who demand a first-class experience characterized by luxury and elegance. We provide access to our most glamorous locations worldwide as well as to a range of luxury services and suppliers. Ad hoc arrangements are made for the selection of personal trainers and personal shoppers, wedding etiquette classes, yacht, boat and classic car rentals, personalized itineraries and any other requests.


For those clients who want to enjoy our professionals’ complete support and assistance. We take care of every aspect of the wedding and are involved since day one, throughout the whole planning and development of the event, providing support until the end of your honeymoon. It includes all services and is the best expression of our idea of wedding planning.

Outside consulting

We are available for one, unique consulting meeting for those clients who want to get in the game of planning their own wedding and wish, during the preliminary phases, to be guided and assisted through a quick illustration of what is needed to plan the ceremony.

Partial Planning

For those clients who have already taken care of most aspects of their wedding and want to receive support for some, selected services. We will create an ad hoc package to suite your needs.

Last minute management

The last month before the wedding is the most difficult one. This package is intended for those clients who want professional assistance during the conclusive phases of the planning. We will coordinate the dynamics that have already been decided, and we will take care of those that are yet to be defined. We will be present at the venue to direct the event, on your wedding day.

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